Testing the benefits of bio pesticides for cotton production in Eastern Africa

On behalf of the Aid by Trade Foundation, the Cotton Expert House Africa offered management support to the “Bio pesticides for cotton in Eastern Africa” project funded by the C&A Foundation. Within the scope of the project, the cotton companies Alliance Tanzania, Biosustain Tanzania, Alliance Zambia and the Ethiopian Cotton Producers and Ginners Association ran trials on the benefits of using plant materials like neem leaves, solanum fruits, lantana and cashew leaves as bio pesticide for cotton production, set up nurseries and trained farmers on the application. In Tanzania and Zambia, the project also purchased processing machinery to turn the plant material into fine powder and crushed extracts.

Supporting sustainable cotton production in Northern Ethiopia

In 2017, the Cotton Expert House Africa supported the Aid by Trade Foundation with the local management of the Tchibo-funded project “Sustainable CmiA cotton produced by 10,000 smallholder farmers in Northern Ethiopia”. Through the Ethiopian Cotton Producers and Ginners Association, local extension agents and lead farmers in the Metama and Quara district were trained in good agricultural practices for cotton production, integrated production and pest management, beneficial insects, gender and avoidance of child labour to distribute this information among the local smallholder farmers. The project also successfully supported the distribution of molasses traps to reduce insect infection. A study on sustainable management models for a CmiA certified cotton ginnery in the region was also conducted.


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